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1981 - Born in in a small town on the French side of the Channel. One older brother, parents work as state officials, we move around every couple of years. 

Late 90s - Moving to Berlin, a very decisive step.

I start learning German and discover that political systems are no immoveable entities...Welcome to Central Europe in the 90's! How refreshing! 

I start playing music in bands and am fond of politics and "black" music. I'm 17 when my parents move to Czech Republic, I stay in Berlin and integrate the local alternative scene. 

1999 - High school degree in Berlin. Moving to Paris to study Literature and Philosophy in a quite elitist structure. Fail. 

2001 - Moving back to Berlin after longer stops in Prague, Sudan and Egypt. I work as an intern for the UNHCR. 

Studies of political sciences at Freie Universität in Berlin. Being a student in Berlin is allowing one a very flexible way of life. I work as freelance translator, and as Alumni with the European Migration Institute, writing Essays on discrimination in various EU Countries.

I travel a lot and start making more music. 

2002: Meeting and joining "Foo Fanick", Drummer for Alpha Blondy and award winning Singer from Benin. 

2005 - Meeting and joining Regatta 69, a world music band from North Carolina.

I play hundreds of concerts with them over the following years, travelling many countries.

2007 - Degree of political sciences (Diploma), at that time I aim at working for NGOs or international institutions. 

I write my Thesis about the interaction between Music and Politics in post-colonial West- African and Carribean countries. 

Founding my Band Brass Wood & Wires

2007/2009 - Working at Weltfriedensdienst in Berlin. 

Although I truely enjoy the job, I realize I will not engage in a career as a development fieldworker. I find NGOs stuck in competition and internal issues, a  static and rigid way to address change...I also turn away from academics. I still have strong interest and faith in international cooperation. My place and role there is yet to find. 

2010- 2013 Music becomes omnipresent. I play in several bands. In ORWOhaus, a musicians owned factory involved in events and cultural policy, I find a project that fits my views perfectly and unites my passion of music with my interest in project management, policy making and public relations. I'm entrusted a leading position in that beautiful organisation. 

2013-2014: I'm involved a bit as a consultant in the creation of the Berlin Musicboard, and I create the "Bandbüro Berlin" as a reaction to the growing need of logistical and self-marketing support for upcoming and newcomer Bands in Berlin. 

2014-2015: While doing extended touring with the soul artist Jaqee and a few other bands, I decide to go freelance as Project and Event Manager for the Berlin cultural scene. 

2015: I start working for Initiative Musik as project manager on behalf of the German Ministery of Culture and am in charge of the one and only German club funding program APPLAUS. 

I m asked to work out and apply for a significant grant on behalf of YAAM/ Kult e.V., a project I always longed to work for. 

2017/ 18: While still working for Initiative Musik,  I have become CEO of Spreekultur GmbH, the society in charge of Events and Gastronomy at YAAM Berlin.

2019: Several Concerts with The Magic Touch (feat. Ken Boothe, Roy allis and Susan Cardogan) and with Longfingah. Joining a new berlin based crossover project: Sisa Me.  

2020: I have to honor to become member of the jury of  the Artist Grants Programme of Initiative Musik

2021: I become Board member of Live DMA on behalf of the German LiveKommission and get to discover organizations and fellow members of Music venues networks from all of Europe.